9/2/2004 8:46

posted Mar 8, 2011, 4:56 PM by Becca K.
Well yesterday Natalie's poor tummy looked HUGE!! But she wasn't cranky or lethargic so we called her GI doctor and had labs drawn. They were last done on 8/16
AST- 96
ALT- 69
GGT- 121 (down from 148)
Total bilirubin - 3.7 (up from 1.3)
Direct bili - 2.4 (up from 0.7)
Alk Phos. - 645 (up from 645)
We then called Children's.  The bilirubin and Alk phos are up but the rest look good, per Joan.  She asked if Natalie had a cold I said yes.  She said that this is the most likely culprit.  We have to keep an eye on her and if ANYTHING changes, we'll need to do a biopsy.