10/23/2004 19:38

Post date: Mar 9, 2011 1:09:08 AM

Thursday night Natalie had a fever of 104. So (after talking to 2 GI docs.) off we went for a 5 hour visit to the ER. They did a chest X-Ray (her poor tummy, it got so squished), and blood cultures, and LFT, and a urine test. One of the nurses in the ER got really freaked out about Natalie's LFTs, until I and the ER doctors showed her my medical binder full of previous labs and said, "No, these are actually GOOD for her."

The poor dear, I think that she actually thought that there was something that she needed to do about Natalie's abnormal Liver function tests. Anyway, they are thinking virus at this point. Total Bilirubin is steady (high for her at 3.7) but steady (direct is the same as it was 2 weeks ago too). AST, ALT, Alk Phos, all dropped slightly. We go back in to Children's on Tuesday (for a scheduled appointment).