Living like a child…

Post date: May 16, 2011 7:49:04 PM

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!

As a child I was “lucky” enough to have my overly chipper mother sing this to us early on some mornings before school. We’d always holler at her, to stop. “Maaaaahm, quit it, I’m not awake.” “I know,” she’d say. I miss those mornings. Mom singing, Amy and I walking 3 blocks to get to the bus, being blissfully oblivious to stress and anxiety.

So this morning, after Natalie got on the bus, I tried it. I turned off the radio. And as I drove to work, I looked at the green grass, the trees that are finally turning green in our area. I watched the sun peek behind the fluffiest bunch of clouds. And I felt it. I felt that blissfully oblivious feeling that I used to experience on my walk to the school bus as a kid. Back in a time when all was right in my world. Back in a time when my parents kept their troubles away from me. Back in a time when I was sheltered. And it was nice.

I didn’t think about work or deadlines or stress or bills on my drive like I normally do. I just was. I was just happy in the moment. I highly recommend it.

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