11 years post transplant

Post date: Feb 26, 2016 4:13:18 PM

An update of fantastic proportions.

We had an AWESOME transplant checkup appointment yesterday for Natalie.

The Chicago snow was horrible -10 miles to the south of us!!! But our route to the hospital was clear for 2 hours!!

First up - phlebotomy. Natalie had an Amazing phlebotomist/uber driver/Deacon that talked her ear off and set her at ease before her 6 vials of blood were taken. And her liver is happy. Labs look really really good.

And then we were off to ultrasound. We had another amazing tech. She took her time and explained everything she was doing to Natalie. Natalie is 12 now. And when you are 12, they start talking more to the patient, than their families. As a means of transitioning.

1. The two little cysts on her kidneys haven't changed in 3 years. Itty bitty little fellas.

2. Her body has effectively created it's own by-pass/ shunt of the portal vein blockage. They actually refer to it in her chart as "A case of a spontaneous splenorenal shunt." And I held my tears in.

3. Height = 5'6" and weight is completely appropriate.

4. Spleen = still big. Keep avoiding contact sports and doing what you are doing (volleyball, track, swimming).

5. Natalie made her first medical decision - to stay enrolled in a study, where they can review her care and charts and use her experiences to help others. She would not let me take a picture of the moment.

6. Then we learned that Natalie is stable enough to not have to come back for a whole year!! (We've waited 11 years to hear that.)

God is so good.