3/11/2005 12:35

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 9:32:43 PM

Home! Home! Home!

We are going home today!!!!!

Phew...my head is in a whirlwind, need to breathe...

Natalie's liver numbers improved overnight, it looks like it was rejection and the extra steroids are working. We'll probably be here for the rest of the day, waiting for scripts for prescriptions and discharge orders, but who cares - we're leaving!!!

We have to come back next Monday and Thursday for appointments. That's OK with us!!!

The biggest thing that we need to remember is that Natalie is immuno-suppressed. So we have to keep her away from crowds or large gatherings for 6 months. She needs to be kept in a controlled - CLEAN - environment and be kept away from those that are sick. But at the same time we have to try to give her a normal life.