7/12/2004 21:05

Post date: Feb 13, 2011 2:23:04 PM

We entered "princess" Natalie in the New Star Discovery regional contest (held at Byron Fest this past weekend). Natalie won for her age group!!!

(On a medical note - we are going back to Children's Memorial tomorrow. They want to do another cholangiogram - inject dye into her bile ducts. If there is "sludge" (highly technical term) they will put in a stint with a drain coming out of her body. The theory is to prevent further damage to the liver and prolong the transplant, as well as try to keep further infections like the one she's fighting away.)

By the way - I put a sock over her PICC line (on her arm) during the baby contest. One of the judges thought we were just being "Patriotic."