11/5/2004 11:00

Post date: Mar 15, 2011 2:40:26 PM

Today Natalie has not yet had a fever. But she had two yesterday. We haven't yet seen the doctors. She is eating GREAT!! She went to town on tator tots while sitting at the nurses station yesterday afternoon.

Jason and I ran home for a few hours yesterday, and the nurses took such wonderful care of her while we were gone. Even still we hurried back to her as fast as the speed limits would allow ;)!

She goes though stages of moods. She will sit on a mat on the floor and play and be in a good mood for a half hour then she'll get cranky and just want to be held. I just can't wait until her good moods start to last longer than the bad.

She continues to do well with the NG tube (feeding tube) currently she gets 18 ounces of 24 calorie formula over 12 hours. Shes putting on weight :).