Today's visit to Children's Memorial Hospital...

Post date: Mar 25, 2011 12:42:42 AM

Natalie's "Daddy daughter" day went well.

In her words (as told to me on the phone):

1. She didn't cry during her lab draw.

2. The machine at McDonald's in the lower level of CMH - the one that makes the Shamrock shakes - was broken.

3. She played DS with a little girl named Hannah that has cancer. And she let her win.

Things we had confirmed.

1. She still has "Portal Vein hypertension"

2. Her platelets and white blood cell count is still low

3. Her spleen is enlarged

Her portal vein is blocked, that much we know. The collaterals are holding up. To know how well, she'll have a scope done this summer (a repeat of her last one done in 2009).

We continue to walk that very fine line between "normal" and "medical" worlds.

I like pretending, sometimes, that the medical world does not exist.

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