4/6/2005 10:51

Post date: May 8, 2012 2:49:10 PM

Natalie got her new swing set last night. I don't think I've ever seen her giggle this much!!!

Last week we went for a walk in our neighborhood and passed the new park. It was full of what looked to be happy kids playing. But at a closer look, I saw runny noses, little coughs, and germs, germs, germs!!! What a germ-a-phobe I've become. So we decided to use part of our tax $ to get Natalie a swing set all her own.

In medical-type news:

We shouldn't have to go back to Chicago until next Thursday. (knock on wood) That is provided that her tube does not leak again (see past journals) between now and then.

Daddy went back to work this week and was honored and awed to find out that many people that he works with donated time off to him while we were in the hospital.