The bedtime ritual...

Post date: Feb 22, 2011 2:06:59 AM

This is one of those things that I hope to never forget. I hope to remember always the sounds of bedtime.

The sound of Jason reading to Natalie. Mesmerizing . It makes me smile and puts tears in my eyes, all the time. That may sound sappy, but nothing, nothing in this world comforts me like the sound of my love reading to our girl. It is so very… “normal.”

The sound of her saying her bedtime prayers. Sigh.

The sound of her screams. What?!?!? I just heard, “ROAR!!!!” (Jason’s voice) Followed by Natalie’s screams and giggles and Jason’s laughter. He scared her as she was making her way up the stairs to her room.

God, I love bedtime.