Post date: Feb 8, 2011 9:34:09 PM

Nothing is coincidence. I don’t believe in it. How in the world is it that as I am reflecting on Natalie’s liver transplant (6th anniversary is tomorrow); that the Pope’s Organ Donor status has come into question. And to clarify – the Pope (FKA - Cardinal Ratzinger) was a card carrying organ donor. Now as the Pope, his whole holiness – body and soul – belongs to the church, and his card became invalid ipso facto when he was elected the leader of the Church. But still, his teaching on the matter stands. As Pope, he has spoken about the need for organ donors and the beauty of donating.

From EWTN - He spoke about its importance in a Nov. 2008 address to participants in a congress on transplants sponsored by the Pontifical Academy for Life. On that occasion, he called organ donation an "act of love ... that remains as a genuine witness of charity which knows how to look beyond death so that life always wins."

I don’t believe in coincidence. God is too ever present in my life for it to be so.