A Love Letter

Post date: Feb 14, 2012 2:50:49 PM

Dear Love,*

I know that I don’t need to tell you the first part of this letter, but it’s for posterity’s sake. Translation, Natalie adores hearing about how her parent’s lives entwined and she came to be. I know that this love letter will bug a part of you…given the fact that you have zero interest in any form of social media, but, like I said…posterity and all that…

It was 1992.

I was 14.

You were 15.

Sounds like that song from the Sound of Music…

We were in Confirmation class. You noticed me. I was oblivious, as usual. I gave you my number. I spoke too fast. You were tenacious, as usual.

I couldn’t leave the house with you on an actual date until I turned 15, six months later. We spent 6 years together talking every single night on the phone, back when we only had one phone for the whole house to share.

And then one day we didn’t. You were 21. I wasn’t. I wanted to go to college parties. You didn’t.

And so we split up.

And then one day none of that mattered.

All that mattered was us. And everything fell back into place.

When I doubt myself; you are there to affirm me.

When I am scared; you reassure me.

When my strength wanes; you tell me to suck it up. You make me be a better me.

You are my partner, my best friend.

As Dr. Evil said, “Mini-me, you complete me.”

And so I thank you,

For doing the laundry, for taking the dog to the vet, for taking the dog to the kennel, for picking up Natalie from Tiger Den, for taking Natalie to swimming, for coming to her swim meets, for supporting her in everything she does, for watching her dance lessons, for coming to her school stuff, for cleaning up the dog poop, for changing my oil, for replacing my brakes, for noticing the bare threads on my tires, for filling my wiper fluid, for fixing the roof vent, for installing the weather vane because it looks cute and you are up there already and you look cute in a tool belt, for cleaning the toilets, for vacuuming, for making spaghetti, for killing deer and filling the freezer, for being a good dad, for reading Harry Potter to Natalie even though you hate it, for changing the house filter, for keeping the water softener full of salt, for loving my family, for loving me, for sleeping in the waiting room of the hospital so I didn’t have to leave Natalie’s side, for all the errands you run while we are at the hospital so I don’t have to leave her side, for holding my purse, for making me a planting box, for my garden and all the back breaking work, for installing the new light fixtures, for replacing the light bulbs every time they go out, for installing the swing set, for putting the swing set to the curb once you discovered the bees, for teaching your daughter to fish, for your patience, for helping Natalie with her homework, for being active at church, for your faith, for your caring heart, for being the kind of stand-up guy every girl dreams of marring, for your convictions, for your sense of responsibility, for planting ALL 88 of the trees in our yard, for making our house a home, for loving me, for taking time out for your family, for making your child kneel during church, for teaching her to pray, for finding the lost blankie or mamabear or babybear at night when you know that she is stalling bedtime, for getting ice chips for her, for drawing up meds, for still carrying your girl to bed when she asks, for anything I forgot, for loving me…thank you.

I love you. I believe in you. I am blessed to have you in my life.



*Of my life.