8/23/2004 13:26

Post date: Mar 9, 2011 12:54:25 AM

Natalie had hives on Wednesday. They were on her arm and legs only (and there was a great deal of redness around the PICC line site). (She got the PICC Line out Tuesday.) I called the GI on call at our local hospital, he first asked if she was sedated when she got the PICC line out, but I didn't think so. Then he asked about diet changes. But since we started the formula (soy) 4 weeks ago, there haven't been any diet changes either.

He instructed me to give her oral benadryl. Once I did that the hives went away within a half hour. But they came back Thursday. So I repeated the benadryl and again, they disappeared in a half hour.

Then hives cleared over the weekend. No need for benadryl on Saturday or Sunday. Heres what I THINK it was. She sleeps with a cloth diaper. (It started at Children's as a security thing and now she won't go to sleep with out one.

Anyway I bleached all of them and then forgot to rewash then in her soap.)

Then I bought her a new tub seat (at a garage sale) so I used bleach to clean it (so that explains the hives on her bum area)! So I think that I caused them. Bad mommy!