The writing was on the wall...

Post date: Mar 9, 2011 1:11:06 AM

And I was too stupid to see it. I am posting Natalie's old journal entries and am up to October 2004. If you were a follower of at that time, you'll remember that it was the first time that we thought we may actually lose our girl.

It was the time that she spent in the hospital dressed as a Hershey's Kiss for Halloween (when cousin Ava came to visit). It was the time her temp reached 105. It was when we got ready to list her for a transplant.

Reading this old posts, I think, why the heck didn't I do more?

Why the heck didn't we see what was coming?

(Kind of like in a scary movie when the scary music starts to play and we know what is coming but the soon-to-be-victim does not? Yeah, kind of like that.)

It's really really hard reliving this stuff. But it helps at the same time.

It helps me to appreciate the miracle that is she, that much more.