12/30/2004 9:39:00 AM

Post date: Apr 15, 2011 5:53:03 PM

Well the little bear is sick. She's just not herself. She's been running temps between 101 and 102 - this is day 3. She is also cranky and lethargic. She only wants to be cuddled when she doesn't feel well and today she and daddy are couch surfing together. She cut 4 teeth before Christmas and they didn't seem to bother her that much, and now she is cutting 2 more.

We had labs done yesterday, "just in case"; at my insistence. The first #s ()are from 10/26 when she was diagnosed with Cholangitis the last time, second set are from 12/29.

They are much improved over the one's from 10/26!!!

AST (262) 118

ALT (135) 80

GGT (239) 123

Alk Phos (604) 462

Albumin (2.3) 3.5

Bili - total = (6.4) 1.0

Bili - direct = (4.3) 0.6

Hemoglobin = (10) 11.3

WBC = (4.4) 4.9

The results for the Platelets, PT/PTT, INR, and culture are not in.

Then last night, she was crying, I went in to her room to pick her up and found a pool of wetness, I turned on the light, and said, "Phew, it's just puke." How odd is it that Natalie's condition that I am relieved with it hopefully just being the flu. But I just don't know. I don't want to chalk it up to being just the flu and then have it be something else.