Free time

Post date: Mar 21, 2012 2:32:55 PM

It goes without saying that this transplant mama does too much.

· I love being a Girl Scout leader.

· And my 7th grade Religious Education class keeps me challenged.

· I find joy in helping my community at Rotary.

· And last weekend, I had fun drying dishes at the Knights of Columbus fish fry.

· Then there is the church’s website that I designed.

· Plus, I work full time (8 – 5 (usually later)) five days a week.

· I love to help at school when I can.

· I just was assigned a committee position for a local festival.

· And I have been working out 3 days a week.

For lent I gave up facebook. And, you know what? I found free time.

· I found time to go grocery shopping last night.

· I found time to watch Natalie swim at a conference swim meet last weekend.

· I found time to spend with our new bunny.

· I found time to get bitten by said bunny and swear at it, while bleeding.

· I found time to go Communion dress shopping and then go out for lunch/dinner with my mama. I think mother/daughter time is important.

· I found time to go bowling with my brother and mother with my grandma, Flo’s, bowling ball this past weekend. Only my finger tips fit in the ball.

· I found time to get addicted to :)

I may just stay off the facebook altogether.