8 years

Post date: Feb 8, 2013 3:39:57 PM

8 years ago I gave you part of my liver. Your liver is 35, but it has been giving you life for 8 years.

It changed both of us.

You no longer looked yellow. And I learned that I was stronger that I’d given myself credit for. I was almost as strong as you. Almost.

Your road after that day was anything BUT smooth. You’ve not let this define you. I am so proud of you for that.

You are NOT biliary atresia, the transplant, the lymphoma, or your stupid clotted portal vein. These things are part of you, but you have not let them identify you.

As your teacher said to us, “This girl is confident in her own skin.” Someday I hope you read all of these entries and know how proud of you I am. I need to share these entries with you more. Every time I tell you how much you mean to me, I end up getting all teary eyed and you giggle and tease me. Know that you are loved, sweet girl. Always know that you are loved.

Tomorrow, we’ll watch you swim; a testament to your strength and your ability to overcome any obstacle. Tomorrow, we’ll let off paper lanterns. We’ll say prayers of thanksgiving, giving glory to God. Tomorrow, on your 8th anniversary, your father and I will thank God for another year to be your parents. We are so thankful, so blessed by our heavenly Father; and it was you that helped us to see that.

You gave us that gift.

Thank you, Natalie. I love you.