10 things that make me happy today

Post date: Sep 10, 2012 2:41:19 PM

My dose of happy. So much made me happy this weekend.

  1. Jason and I cleaned the garage this weekend.
  2. We met 2 sets of new neighbors.
  3. Natalie ate her "best meal of her life." (Mac-n-cheese at the Steak Pit in Oregon)
  4. I hung up some cute beer advertisement tins up in the garage.
  5. I had Dairy Queen. A hot fudge Sunday on Sunday. Yum.
  6. God loves me and will get me through.
  7. My daughter is growing into a beautiful young lady on the inside and out.
  8. She loves to practice the piano. I love the sound of the piano in our home.
  9. We found the beginning of Natalie's Halloween costume.
  10. God loves me and will get me through.