2/27/2005 3:00:00 PM

Post date: Jun 10, 2011 4:04:31 PM

Oh what a wonderful day!!!

Dr. Superina (her surgeon that I swear walks on water) came by today on the morning rounds. They have decided to agressively wean Miss Natalie OFF of the vent. They have slowly begun the process today and plan on pulling it out tomorrow. (We hope she agrees with this.)

Yesterday they started feeding her again, but just with pedialight. Dr. Superina said that he thinks she can handle regular food. So they have started giving her Isomil though her NG tube. But again, very slowly, only 5 ml an hour, then moving up 5 ml every 3 hours if she tolerates it well.

She SAT UP TODAY!!! Daddy and I helped her. We placed blankets next to her - to help prop her up - she's so weak. But she had a wonderful time playing with her see-n-say and sitting there for a little while!!!

Thanks all for your words of encouragement. We're praying for more good days to come!