2/22/2005 17:24

Post date: Jun 10, 2011 3:56:59 PM

Today, 2 kids here at the hospital received livers!!!

But that means that Natalie's surgery to close her up scheduled for today was bumped to tomorrow.

Currently she is at IR (interventional radiology) to get a new PICC line put in. Her direct line (at her neck) started coming out and the site appears to be infected.

However, she is doing GREAT!!! Her liver numbers look AWESOME!!! She loves playing with the "My little pony's" that her mom got her (in Happy Meals from McD's).

It is so cute. She is wearing immobilizers on her arms, so her arms are stuck in a straight position. So she is just passing her ponyies back and forth between her hands. Poor kid.

I'm (Becca) doing quite well. My incision feels good and is healing up fast.