Battle of the Bulge.

Post date: Aug 22, 2011 9:44:37 PM

Who wants to become my group of cheerleaders?

I just signed up for a Battle of the Bulge. The jiggly tummy just ain't cute anymore.

Lord, help me.

Long story short - the local chiropractor (he adjusted me just 48 hours before delivering Natalie) became a "creating wellness" center and he's running this local contest through the local 3 gyms (2 traditional gyms and one Curve's).

I figured, "What the heck," and signed up. And now, after completing the 100 question assessment, I am thinking, "Oh, heck!"

On my profile on the site I added the following:

Relationship Status Married

Number of Children 1

Personal Quote "Life is good. Everyday."

About Me I am the mom and liver donor to a liver transplant and cancer survivor. And yet, life is still good.

Person/Body Admire My husband

Heroes My daughter

Favorite Site(s)

Pray for me.

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