2/10/2005 1:52:00 PM

Post date: Apr 18, 2011 1:48:05 PM

Hi this is Shelby's (see link above"local liver friend") mom, Jennifer, updating. I talked with Becca around noon today and she gave me permission to post a new update on here.

Both surgeries went quite well. Becca is recovering fine at Northwestern. She is on a pump for pain management and is quite, understandably, sore, but in great spirits. There was talk about releasing her tonight, but she's hoping its tomorrow so she gets a bit more time for rest and recovery.

The surgeons were not able to close up Natalie's incision completely so tomorrow she will be taken back to surgery for that. It is not uncommon for kids who've just received liver transplants to need to be left "open"; a bit to give time for the body to adjust to the size of the new liver and to let the swelling go down.

They are keeping Natalie in a "paralyzed" state so that she doesn't move until she';s completely closed up. She is on a respirator, but doing quite a bit of the breathing on her own.

Let's remember to keep their family, especially Jason, in our prayers as he is going back and forth between both hospitals. Please sign their guestbook so they know you were here checking on them. I'm sure they'll love reading the messages!

I just want to say that I'm so honored to know this wonderful family. I am sorry that the way we became friends is because our daughters had the same horrible liver disease but I've gained alot of strength from them.

Next Tuesday our family will be heading to Children's Memorial in Chicago for a test and appointments for Shelby. If you'd like us to take anything in to Natalie, Becca, or Jason for you please e-mail me at pnutsmom76@yahoo.com.

I will update this site again hopefully tomorrow as I'll call and get another update then. - Jenn