Tears on a T-Shirt...

Post date: Oct 14, 2011 2:57:13 PM

…broke this mama’s heart.

Natalie had labs this morning. Her team is concerned about her platelet level. She is scheduled for a scope on Tuesday and they mentioned the possibility of needing to do a platelet transfusion. Ugh.

Natalie’s blood just did not want to flow this morning. She’d get poked, the blood would run, and then it would stop. And that happened 4 times.

Tears filled her eyes as she looked up at me, having been poked 3 times already. “No, no, no,” she said. And then as the needle went in the 4th time, her tears landed on her t-shirt and my heart ached for her. And tears filled my eyes.

And then she got 4 stickers and 2 suckers from the nurses, and 4 cookies and a "kiddie cocktail" from our favorite coffee shop, and she was ready to face her day as a secondgrader. My heart was still aching as I watched her walk down the hall to her classroom - smiling.

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