Keep on Swimming...

Post date: Feb 13, 2011 2:27:31 AM

She's not giving in.

She hasn't her entire life. And today, well today my little bear didn't disappoint.

She raced in her second swim meet today.

And she swam in 3 events.

Here is Natalie having her events written on her arm by her coach.

For a 7 year old that's a pretty cool thing.

First she swam in the 50 yard Freestyle. She's never swam that far in a race before. My mom kept reminding me to cheer. I told her I was "too nervous." She laughed at me. I got over my nerves though, fear not. I am the crazy-yelling-cheering swim mom.

That's my role.

And when she finished - she triumphantly yelled, "Mom, I shaved 16 seconds off my time!"

Then she swam in the 25 yard backstroke.

Thank God, for my sister, Aunt Amy (who's hubby Coach Brian is the head coach for the team hosting the meet) was there to yell "GO! GO!" Sometimes there is so much going on, a kid just has to take it all in before they begin. You know.

And then she swam the IM.

IM stands for Individual Medley and the event requires you to complete all four strokes -butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

I told my girl I just wanted her to take her time and have fun with this one. We would not be upset if she could not finish. We just wanted her to try.

And wouldn't you know it. My baby got everyone in that pool cheering. But, as Amy said later on the phone....none of these people knew just how amazing this was. They were all cheering for what looked like a normal 7 year old girl, trying to finish a race. They were simply encouraging this tenacious kid, who was bound and determined to finish, as swim meet crowds do. No one there (except her family, of course) could appreciate the moment for what it was. The cheers rung loud in my ears. I was no longer nervous. I was standing up.

I was yelling.

She came in last in her heat.

She gave it her all.

She never gave up.

She kept swimming.

God, thanks for the best role model a parent could have.