9 years

Post date: Oct 1, 2012 3:22:55 PM

9 years ago I was just learning the joy of being a mom. 9 years ago you were 1 day old.

And now you are 9.

8 years, of your life, have been spent outside of the walls of a hospital. 1 year of your life has been spent being poked and prodded.

8 years, of your life, have been spent living. 1 year of your life was spent with you just fighting to live.

None of those things that happened within the course of that year defined who you are as a person. Those experiences can, however, shape you and most importantly show you just how very strong you are.


You are not: Biliary Atresia

You are not: Liver function tests and lab values

You are not: Cholangitis (a fancy word that means liver infection)

You are not: The liver transplant

You are not: Transplant rejection

You are not: Bone Marrow Biopsies

You are not: 24 blood transfusions

You are not: Thrombosis (fancy word for blocked) of the Portal Vein

You are not: Cancer

You are: A miracle of God

You are: His miracles manifested in the physical

You are: Full of awesome

You are: Wise beyond your years

You are: Honest

You are: Loving

You are: A stinker

You are: Going to be taller than me

You are: 9

You bring: Such joy to me and your dad.

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