I'm Excited. I'm scared.

Post date: Apr 9, 2013 5:12:58 PM

Once we had a security blanket, if you will. I knew that if the Portal Vein went bad, very very bad*, I knew that we had a back up. I knew that she could always get another liver. *I could spell this out in detail here, but some things are best if left unsaid.

Natalie was re-listed for a new liver, right after her transplant in 2005. Her hepatic artery clotted. It closed up. She was listed "Status 1" - meaning they gave her a week.

Her liver, Natalie, and her surgeons defied those odds and her liver (part of my liver) is still going pretty strong today.

And so, as soon as she was deemed stable in the PICU, they put her in "inactive" status on the transplant list. For us, it mostly meant that we didn't have to jump through insurance hoops again. It also meant that should she need it (*see prior portal vein comments) all we would have to do was change her status to an active listed status and she would be back to waiting for a liver.

No longer.

Her liver is stable.

Her portal vein is holding it's own (knock on wood) too.

And so, 9 years after being listed, Natalie is no longer waiting for a liver.

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