3/3/2005 21:57

Post date: Sep 27, 2011 5:09:59 PM

What a very busy day we all had. First things first, she kept daddy up ALL night and then she took a 5 hour "nap" today. Poor daddy.

He's sleeping at the hospital with her and I am here at the Kohl's house.

Natalie is eating like a horse (well, a little pony anyway)! For dinner she had some cut up pieces of chicken, 3 smily-face fries, applesauce, 2 chicken nuggets (of mommies), a few french fries, 4 cookies, and 3 ounces of apple juice to wash it down!

Gotta love those steroids!!!

Her LFTs went back up today, so a liver biopsy was done at 4 pm. This was to confirm rejection. An hour prior to the biopsy she had a new PICC line placed and her femoral line removed. Her PICC line, it should be said, was done WITHOUT sedation, just a local to numb the site. Her nurses and the docs said that they've never seen a kid like her. She didn't cry! Oh my sweet Natalie, how strong you are. Once she recovered from these procedures she was back to her normal self.

About the rejection: They went ahead and increased her steroids and they tell us that this should get the rejection under control. She was given a dose of steroids prior to having the vent pulled and this helped, but she'll need a few more days.

Since we're on the floor and some have wondered, Natalie is free to have HEALTHY visitors.