Monday DOH (Dose of Happy): She swims.

Post date: Feb 13, 2012 4:43:46 PM

She swims.

She never gives up.

She grins from ear to ear, her eyes twinkling under her pink goggles as she exits the pool. She knows she rocked it. She knows that she swam her best.

She's just pumped about finishing. It was tough, but she did it. And she is beaming.

No she wasn’t in first place in the race, but in this game of life she has kicked cancer’s butt. She has fought transplant rejection. She has beaten hemolytic anemia.

In each of her 8 of her races this weekend, she put on her game face, dove in and showed us what we already knew that she was made of. And now, now she is starting to realize it herself. She is becoming aware of just how strong of a person she really is. She is become aware of the prize of hard work and practice.

She never finished last. And she never gave up.

She swims.

She grins.

My heart overflows.