3/19/2005 10:38

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 9:42:42 PM

Going home today!!! (Again)

We';re hoping to be discharged in a few hours, and on our way home!!

We then won't need to come back until Thursday for clinic. WOOHOO!!

Natalie is doing GREAT! Her labs look awesome, all are in the normal range (like for normal non-transplant kids)!

She had a bag attached to her following the cholangiogram that was collecting bile (see previous journals for an article). This was in place for 2 days and it was removed last night. So we'll be going home with the PTC line to flush, the PICC line, and 11 meds (given up to 24 times a day). No problem!!!

The biopsy showed that there was neither rejection nor an infection. This is great news. It appears that the bile back up problem was in part due to the Hepatic artery thrombosis (when she got the clot it) that occured a few days after the transplant.