11/10/2004 9:11

Post date: Mar 15, 2011 2:45:19 PM


We got discharged yesterday. Last night was our first night of the feeding (NG) tube by ourselves. It took us a while but we MASTERED it! Natalie is on 3 oral meds, 3 IV meds, and the feeding tube. But it is so nice to be home.

My sister brought us a chalkboard to help us keep track of the meds - so now I need to go get chalk :)! She also brought us dinner - mmmm...stuffed tomatoes....she rocks! Natalie is in the greatest of moods, she giggled when we pulled into the driveway, she giggle when she saw her Popop K. (I swear that is what she is saying!), she giggled when she saw her puppy Dalten.

Children's has indicated that they would like to schedule the transplant for sometime in December, provided that Pat is a match. Keep praying.