Heart bursting...

Post date: Mar 28, 2011 4:54:10 PM

Last week Natalie spent Thursday and Friday and part of Saturday at “Aunt Amy* and Uncle Brian’s house.”

Then this morning I get an email from Uncle Pat wondering if she’d like to come and visit this summer.

Then moments later, and email from my mom, wondering if she’d like to spend Good Friday with her.

Her social calendar is filling. All because of miracles made possible with the help of God and Organ Transplantation technology.

And my heart is bursting.

*See prior posts of how I can never measure up to Aunt Amy’s coolness.

By the way – my heart is also bursting from something else that happened this weekend – and this time it was caused by one of Amy’s brood. We went to Red Robin (yummmmm) on Saturday with Amy and her two big girls. I love both Ava and Callie so much, but it’s Callie that got my curls (I think she was upset with me for straightening my hair this weekend) and it’s Callie to whom I get to be a Godmother. And as we were leaving Red Robin (yummmmm) I ducked into their vehicle and told the girls that I loved them very much. Ava said, “Love you too.” Callie gave me that Callie grin, eyes twinkling and said, “I love you too, my God-mother.” I asked, just to make sure I heard right, “What’d you say Callie.” “I love you, my God-mother,” she said.

Heart bursting goodness right there.

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