Dear Natalie

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 2:42:20 PM

The world is not a cruel place. But some of the people in it are cruel.

Names hurt.

People will do and say hurtful things.

People will hate you just for being you.

And that’s OK, there is nothing more that you can do about it.

Rather than letting the hate of others consume you, know this:

You are a child of God. You are filled with his Spirit. You know that God is the “most important thing in the whole universe.” You told us this last night a dinner.

I am sorry that your heart hurts. Sometimes mine does too, my child.

I wish everyone loved you as your father and I do. I wish everyone loved you as your Father in Heaven does. And that is what Jesus asked of all of us, isn’t it. He asked us to love.

So I ask you to remember this. Love those that hate you. Love those that call you names. Love those that don’t love you back.

Be true to who you are.

Let God’s Spirit and love fill you and guide you.

Do not worry about those that wish you harm or do not have your best interests in mind. Focus fully on the people that love you, on the people that want to spend time with you. Your lessons of today can be lessons for the rest of your life.

Sit with the people that WANT you at their lunch table. Do not spend another second worrying about those that do not want cherish their time with you.

You are brave.

You are strong.

You are wonderfully bossy and assertive.

You have a kind and gentle heart.

You are quirky.

Your personality is effervescent!

You are animated.

You are a good shot.

You are a fantastic swimmer.

You are a patient baby-sitter.

You are a faithful friend.

You are a hard-worker.

You are a blessing.

You are a wonderful daughter.

You are a gifted pianist.

You are brilliant.

Sometimes, yes, you are wonderfully awkward. Be patient with yourself. Your tall body was wonderfully made by God. You will learn better limb control as the years go on. Love yourself. Love the body that you were given. Take care of it.

You are a confident leader.

Your father and I love you. We will always be in your corner.