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Post date: Aug 18, 2011 2:34:49 AM

Natalie needs a scope.

We were supposed to have it done sometime before school starts. Time has been on our side, since this year, school is starting 2 weeks late. And I just kept thinking that I had plenty of time to make that appointment. And then, wouldn’t you know, BAM! August is here, and still no appointment for the scope. So I called and made one. Only that wasn’t so easy because the transplant head wants to be there and she was on vacation. And then the transplant surgeon (the genius of a man) was also out and thus, I got a call on Monday to ask if we could do the appointment on Friday. This Friday. But now we’re not.

Why does she need a scope?

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  1. See this post
    1. http://www.nataliebear.com/journal/todaysvisittochildrensmemorialhospital

Nah, never mind, I’ll remind you…cause I’m cool and helpful like that.

Things we had confirmed.

1. She still has "Portal Vein hypertension"

2. Her platelets and white blood cell count is still low

3. Her spleen is enlarged

Her portal vein is blocked, that much we know. The collaterals are holding up. To know how well, she'll have a scope done this summer (a repeat of her last one done in 2009).

We continue to walk that very fine line between "normal" and "medical" worlds.

I like pretending, sometimes, that the medical world does not exist.

Back to the point – she needs a scope, but her anesthesia team wants to wait until her clavicle is healed. They know what a nut she is coming out of anesthesia and don’t want her to go and insure herself again.

So the plan, wait until she is healed, but do a series of lab tests this week. The lab tests will let us feel more comfortable with waiting.

Because let’s face it, a broken clavicle is not life or death.

A GI bleed could be.

Now seems like a good time to add:

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,c

I will fear no evil, for you are with me;

your rod and your staff comfort me.


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