3/17/2005 14:36

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 9:40:41 PM

Yesterday's procedure was moved to 5pm.

Poor Natalie was without food for over 24 hours. I was able to carry her into the Medical Imaging Suite and stay with her until she was asleep. That was a first for me and I really appreciated the doctors suggesting it. She did fine and afterwards drank 6 ounces of apple juice - we actually had to stop her from drinking so she wouldn't get sick.

They did the Cholangiogram that I mentioned in the last journal. She came out of the procedure with a bag attached to her - collecting bile. This bag should only be temporary. They actually wanted to remove it today, but since she ran a fever last night they are going to leave it attached and monitor her.

During the same procedure they also did 2 biopsies. One on the right side of her liver and the other on the left. We won't know the results of these until later today. And then the doctors will decided their next plan of action. Right now Jason and I are back at Kohl's house. Natalie is sleeping in her hospital room. We got a room here for the rest of the week through Tuesday. Hopefully we'll be out of here by then and on our way home.