3/24/2005 10:12:00 PM

Post date: May 8, 2012 2:41:54 PM

Nothing is ever easy, not that I am complaining too much, since we are home and not in the hospital tonight.

Throughout the past year I have learned patience, without realizing it. This week, never once did I lose my cool.

Here are this week's past events...

Monday - Home health nurse comes late (Prograf is due at 9am) it cannot be given until the nurse draws the blood for labs. The nurse came at 9:15. Prograf is given at 9:30 am.

Tuesday - We notice that the site of the biliary drain tube is leaking. We call Children's (our angel) Dave advises us to attach the bag. He then sets up a procedure for 1st case Wednesday morning. During this procedure they are going to look at the tube placement and if it needs to be changed they will fix it.

Wednesday - It is snowing and we are not going to make it for our 6:30 am arrival time at CMH. Traffic was TERRIBLE. We arrive at 7:35, and still we wait (even though we are the 1st case of the day of IR) (Interventional Radiology). We are told that they are only going to inject die to look at the tube placement. They did not plan on re-positioning the catheter (this is contrary to our plans that were set up). Had we known this we would not have come in...since we have a clinic appointment scheduled for Thursday.

We drive home. Dave, (see above) calls apologizing for IR's mistakes. He sets up another procedure for us with them for Thursday following our clinic appointment.

Thursday (today) - We make the trip in again! The home health nurse comes at 8. Prograf is given on time. We arrive for our clinic appointment and get right in. (What's going on here? Things are working in our favor?) Crap, spoke too soon, IR is running behind, we need to wait an hour and a half for them to get to Natalie. The catheter was replaced and repositioned. We are told that they have reserved a room for us. We told them what we thought - and we are home now! And Natalie is doing GREAT!!!!