SOC: Fortunate to be unfortunate

Post date: Jul 8, 2013 4:24:01 PM

Sometimes I feel like all I do is complain. I am lucky. I am blessed. I have no doubt that God loves me and has given me many blessings. But these past 2 weeks have been one unfortunate event after another. A series of unfortunate events if you will (and it just so happens that my niece Ava is reading that series right now).

2 weeks ago some electrical even happened. Lightning? ComEd electrical surge? Who knows? I am thinking lightning, since it happened right after a thunderstorm. There is power at the poll on the road, but only partial power at our house. So the ComEd guy, who is taller that my husband, brought in a transformer on wheels. And now the Transformers cartoon theme is in my head.

Then I hit a deer. Truthfully, it hit me. I had seen the deer and it’s friend/mom (I feel the need to give the deer a back story here) and slowed to around 10-20 miles an hour, but it kept coming.

And then I started the grill too close to the house and melted the siding. Ugh.

I think I have had it with my own series of unfortunate events. I am done. Yesterday at church a lady lectured me about the importance of being reverent to the Blessed Sacrament. I don’t think she was actually lecturing me, but she needed a venting post, a sounding board. She needed to express her frustration to someone, and I happened to be the person closest. She’s probably onto something, and now I need to pray on what to do with this because the conversation shook me to my core.


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