4/27/2005 9:21

Post date: May 8, 2012 3:17:05 PM

No more PTC line (the bile tube in her tummy is now gone)

I went in to wake Natalie up this morning and found her sitting in a pool of bile. I quickly assessed the situation and found her tube (which, before bedtime was inside of her) now next to her. I left Natalie in her bed, she's not too happy about this decision, and call Jason. He calms me. I then scoop up Natalie, change her, and take her down to the kitchen. As I am getting her breakfast ready I page the GI fellow on call at Children's. It';s our old friend Dr. Kohli. Natalie at this point is still not a happy camper; I am not getting her French toast ready as fast as she would like!!!

Dr. Kohli says that he will have our team call us, and advises us to just keep a gauze pad on her tummy to manage the bile flow. Grandpa K(who was to be our babysitter for the day) arrives. A few minutes later, Jason also comes home. Jason and I change Natalie's dressing, which, after 20 minutes, is already full of bile. Dave from Children's calls. I can tell that is happy as he says, "I hear that you are blaming Natalie for taking out her tube! Well congrats!!!" Phew!

Since we were already scheduled for a clinic appointment in Chicago tomorrow, they are just planning on seeing us then. They may need to put in a stitch on her tummy, but since her labs last week were fantastic, they think that this is OK. Double phew!

So Grandpa K (bless his heart, I think he got more than he bargained for) is babysitting and Natalie is napping. What a morning!!!