12/24/2004 10:24

Post date: Mar 25, 2011 4:58:27 PM


What a wonderful day. I talked to Mandy today, there is nothing like a phone call from Kuwait to make you all warm and fuzzy! It was the most wonderful Christmas present. Mandy said that they are doing well, they left Mosul 3 days before the attacks...phew!

Natalie continues to do well. She has become quite the chatter box. Currently she says, "Mama, Dada, Papa, and Pup-pee"!!! Her and Jason have a new game. She says, "dada," then he says, "bear-bear," then she says, "dada," then he says, "bear-bear," and it continues for about 10 minutes with Natalie grinning from ear to ear the whole time.

They are so cute together.

Merry Christmas to you all and God's blessings to you!