Post date: Feb 10, 2011 2:23:03 AM

What's a rebirthday? See, for me the day holds a dual meaning. If you read my last postey McPost, you'll know that my faith was tested and God won, those 6 years ago before I entered the operating room. You'll also know that the day gave my daughter a second chance at this thing we call living by my giving her a hunk o'my liver.

And so we celebrate.

It's a day to celebrate life and I do so by understanding how close we (both Natalie and me) came to death.

It's a thought on our minds; but this day just brings it closer to the front.

Morbid? Probably.

Doing so with a heart full of God's love and grace? You betcha!

And right now, I've got 53 little beads of clay baking in the oven. We're making a home-made rosary tonight. It just seemed fitting.