It's an Irish thing...

Post date: Mar 16, 2011 5:45:24 PM

(Picture from 2010)

I was born a Dempsey.

My Mom was born a McGinn.

Her mom was born a Hellem.

Her mom was born a Petri (and sure, her grandfather was born in Germany, but that’s another topic for another day).

And her mom was born a McManus.

My mother’s father was born to a McGinn (Edward Joseph), who was born to Edward Thomas McGinn, who was born to Arthur Megin (around 1838 in County Claire, Ireland).

My dad’s maternal grandmother was born an O’Brien.

Sure my dad’s mother, my grandmother, was born a Stomberg and there are some Waldschmidts mixed in – but Oktoberfest is months away. And this is the time to celebrate Natalie’s Irish heritage!

This is a project Amy (my sister) and I have worked on. Let me clarify. I started a family tree filling in the family members that I have listed in my trusty family bible. Amy took it and ran with it! She is working on something that is already an invaluable gift to others in our family. And there is just something about St. Patrick’s day that always has made me wonder, “Where did I come from?”

The answer:

I’m a whole lot Irish, a whole lot German, and there in one person from France in there too!