My very own dose of happy – wrapped in a box of glitter and Christmas bows.

Post date: Nov 21, 2011 6:59:36 PM

The smallish one (that’s Natalie) and I had a wonderful girls weekend. It was just the two of us. Her daddy was off on his annual sit-in-the-woods-and-enjoy-the-quiet-it’s getting-colder-I-think-my-legs-are-numb hunting weekend.

He and his girl delighted me by getting the following out of the attic, before he left:

  • 12 totes of Christmas Decorations
  • One Advent Wreath
  • One massive tree that fits into 3 large boxes
  • One smaller 4 foot tree for Natalie’s room
  • One small tree for the foyer
  • Cute Penguin Box for the rock salt on the porch

And so, Natalie and I decorated this weekend. Eventually.

See, first we went to our town’s annual Christmas walk on Friday night. Santa was there. Oh, and before we saw Santa we had breakfast for dinner. Then we saw Santa. And as we waited in line, Natalie said to me, “Mom, I think he’s the REAL Santa.”

Saturday left us with the decorating and the Christmas movie marathon. Once that Christmas Tree Derations Box opened, my tear ducts did too.

  • The picture of Natalie’s first Christmas pictures. The ones that we had taken right after she had been released from the NICU, when we had to put a bow on her to cover the spot where they had shaved her head for an IV – tears.
  • The ornament that my Grandma, who just lost her battle to Alzheimer’s, got me in 1983 – tears.
  • The ornament depicting the moment when Jason got down on one knee during our wedding, to give me my ring – tears.
  • Natalie’s newborn footprint, you guessed it – tears.
  • The talking Peanuts ornament where Linus says, “Lights please,” and tells the story of Christmas – tears. It always reminds me of the NICU. Natalie received a Project Linus blanket.
  • Watching Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving with Natalie – tears. I was already warmed up by this point what were a few more tears?

I just love opening that Christmas decoration box, don’t you?

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