So here’s the deal.

Post date: Feb 10, 2012 6:44:27 PM

1. I like lists.

2. I also like to swear. I try to keep it clean because this is Natalie’s page. I am writing about her medical miracles, tribulations, and all the assorted bullshit that comes along with having to grow up too much too fast, to help her remember it later on.

3. The goals of this website are simple. To record the life and times of a liver transplant family. It says so, right up there in the byline. I am not aiming for anything lofty, like world domination. If you are sick of reading about our liver transplant family close out of the page, now. You do it by clicking the little “X” at the top right of your computer screen.

4. Keeping track of the medical shit helps to fight the “good fight” with insurance companies. Because I journal everything, right now someone is reading this and nodding his head, I can prove up when we were and when we were not in the hospital.

a. When the insurance argues an extra $12 container of diaper wipes, we can remind them of the rotovirus episode of March 2005.

5. Writing, journaling, recording the memories both good and bad, helps.

6. The world is full of assholes. I know that not everyone that reads this page is doing so with our, or even Natalie’s, best interest in mind. I can only control me. I can only control my own reactions to the poor actions of others. I will continue to take the high road.

7. I love my husband. He rocks. If ever there was someone that would be a side kick on the road to world domination, it is me. That’s right. I’d be his side kick. I’d be Pinky to his Brain.

8. I love my daughter.

9. I love my God.

a. I’m also a big fan of my Religion, thankyouverymuch.

10. I need more cowbell.